Upcoming Shire Events

Bungle in the Jungle

Wickham Park

Youth Camping site

2500 Parkway Dr.

Melbourne, FL  32935

Saturday, November 25, 2023


Activities Include

Rapier and Heavy Tourneys

(Champion of Starhaven)

Melee Battles in the woods

(Bungle in the Jungle)

and Friendly Competitions

Non-Fighting Activities

Classes for Adults, and Children:

Pierogi Making

Jewelry Making

*DEI class

Event fee of $15.00. SCA members

will receive a $5.00 discount off this

price totaling $10.00.

A $5.00 fee (cash) for a Sumptuous

Polish afternoon Dinner Feast

Pierogi (assorted)

Golabki (cabbage rolls)

Pickled Vegetables (cucumbers,

mushrooms, and cabbage)

Kluski (dumplings sauted in butter)

Makowiec (Poppyseed or nut cake)

Chrusciki (fried dough cookies)

Event Steward and Reservations:

THL Ekatarzyna Silesia (Joan Creasey)

Lord Peter Pfauenzagel (Jon Creasey)

149 Goldcoast Rd NE Palm Bay, FL 32907

321-507-2315 or 321-507-2442

Feast Stewards:

THL Ekatarzyna Silesia (Joan Creasey)

Lady Maeva Hávarðsdóttir (Janet Stapleton)

149 Goldcoast Rd NE Palm Bay, FL 32907

321-507-2315 or 321-507-2442

Shire of Starhaven Summer Arts and Sciences Symposium

Franklin T. DeGrood Public Library

6475 Minton Rd, Palm Bay, FL 32908

Palm Bay, FL 32908 United States

9 AM - 3 PM on 8/27/2022

Class schedule

9:00                Library opens

9:30 – 10:30       Bracelets and Largesse

                        Make and take away a bracelet of Czech Glass beads. 

                        Largesse for our Crowns can also be made       

                        Teacher – Melissa Antatolia

                        Handstitching for Garments

                        Instruction on Handstitching       

                       Teacher – Lady Maedb O’Connell

                       Introduction to Basic Device Heraldry 

                      Teacher – Senor Fernando Rodriguez de Avillez y Leon

10:30 – 11:30   Middle Eastern Flatbread Making

                     In this class, you will be making Lavash. 

                    that will be used for our Luncheon today!        

                    Teacher – Lady Ekaterina Silesia

                      Beginning Illum1nations from a Novice

                     Teacher -  Rousalie d’Osmont           

                     Donations for Supplies accepted

                     Behind the Shield - Sword techniques to strike what you can’t see

                     Teacher: Sir Drust Thorisson

11:30 – 12:30   Putting Together a SCA Resume

                    Teacher : Mistress Sythean Lina Chandler

                   Zero to Hero - Evolve your fight body weight exercises

                    Teacher: Sir Drust Thorisson

                   Monasteries and their Effects on the Communities

                    Teacher: Mefrouwe Beatrix de Tulp

12:30 – 1:30     Fundraiser Lunch $5

1:30 – 2:30       Fun with Fingerlooping

                       Teacher: Mistress Guenviuve la Rousse

                       Starting with Chainmail

                       Teacher:  Lord Jurgen Klaus

                        Measure and Blade Mechanics

                        Teacher:  Emmanuel Labour

2:30 – 3:30          Gilding for Illumination

                          Teacher:  H Lady Catherine of Coventry


                         Stained Glass for all Ages

                        Teacher:  Melissa Anatolia 

                         Cordials 101

                         Teacher: Lady Sarah Bekah the Gentle

                         Take home your own!  

                        Donations for supplies are appreciated


Kingdom Events

Past Events

Bungle in the Jungle!   February 12th, 2022

Arts and Sciences Symposium coming up on June 29th, 2019!